Meet John Amanam: The Nigerian Artist Who Crafts Prosthetic Body Parts For Darker Skin Tones

Credit. John Amanam/Immortal Cosmetic Art.
Photo Credit: John Amanam/Immortal Cosmetic Art

A Nigerian artist has put his expertise in special effects to amazing use! 33-year-old John Amanam’s business Immortal Cosmetic Art specialises in the production and distribution of prostheses for amputees with darker skin tones.

Amanam was made aware of the gap when his brother lost his hand in a car accident. He realised that there were very few natural-looking prostheses for people in Nigeria.

After researching and experimenting, the sculptor and former special effects artist was able to produce a hand prosthesis for his brother.

After the artist posted the picture of the completed prosthetic hand on his Facebook page, it went viral. The reception was incredibly positive and client requests started pouring in from all over the world.

Amanam told Hyperallergic: “I was never interested in prosthetics before that. I simply tried to use my expertise in special effects to help my brother.”

Photo Credit: John Amanam / Immortal Cosmetic Art

This was the foundation for Amanam’s business, Immortal Cosmetic Art. Since launching two years ago, the company has produced prosthetic body parts for almost 200 customers.

Amanam states the most common reaction from clients are ‘excitement and gratitude.’

“Most of them had lost hope in finding prostheses that match the colour of their skin,” he said. ”I’m blessed to be able to help so many people.”