Moment Cars Pull over to help as Black woman is stopped by police near St. Louis


We have to start policing the police until things start making sense. In today’s world, it’s still unfair so here go! #police#news#justice#streets#usa

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In a viral Tiktok video, cars can be seen pulling over to record an encounter with the Missouri police and a Black woman, near St. Louis. According to the Tiktok user, motorists were recording the encounter in order to ensure the woman would be dealt with appropriately.

It’s unclear what the encounter was about, however Tiktok user @sheniweird said in her voiceover video: “When I see a young African American woman screaming for help, and it’s three to four White Police with guns drawn on her, and she’s unarmed, you damn right I’m showing up and showing out until I find out what it’s all about,” she also added: “We need answers every time. She deserves the same respect homegrown terrorists got. You’re not just gone shoot her over a traffic violation. Not today.”

Her Tiktok community showed their support for the actions of complete strangers. One user @theresajbuford said: “Every single person that pulled over did the right thing. They may have saved her life.”

Another user @immarichhoochie added: “I got chills from this the fact that so many people pulled over.”