How 20-Year-Old Ben Gulliver Built a Million-Pound Business During Lockdown

After being furloughed from his role as a manager at a hair studio, Ben Gulliver decided to use his time to create something he was passionate about. Last year (2020) the 20-year-old from Worcestershire built an online business selling products that were in high demand.

Starting from his bedroom, Ben used his phone and laptop to sell teeth cleaning devices and fitness equipment through Amazon. The move proved to be profitable as he sold thousands of the products he ordered from China.

Speaking about how he started, Ben said, “This was the perfect time. I started researching on YouTube to see what business ventures I could do. I thought, ‘What products are good to sell? A product that solves a problem’. I started thinking what people will need during lockdown and my first idea was buying and selling a teeth plaque cleaning device as all the dentists were closed.”

After selling thousands of teeth cleaning items, he sold the tooth cleaning business to an American investor for a large sum. Gulliver has continued growing his fitness equipment business and even sells other items online. The entrepreneur also hired his friend who focuses on the customer services.

“I was storing the stock in my parents garage. They have been very understanding to say the least. I’m probably doing their heads in now. Now I’ve made some money I will probably look to move out. I’ve now got an office in Bewdley and have employed a mate to help me out.

“We distribute via Amazon and we sell globally – from the USA, Africa to Asia. I’ve made over $1 million so far, that’s revenue rather than profit but I’m amazed how it has taken off. It has been a real adventure so far. It shows how much can change in a year.”

Ben has always had a business mind. “When I was in school, I would buy lollipops for 15p and sell them for £1.”

“I want to help young people start up their businesses and give them advice. All they need is that push to get started. As long as you have a laptop or a phone and the internet, you can create a business.

“My advice to those wanting to follow their dreams is never give up on something you’re passionate about.

“If you make mistakes, learn from them, don’t give up.”