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Adam Frisby Inspires Many As His Fashion Brand ‘In The Style’, Which He Started During A Time Of Hardship, Becomes A £105 Million Pound Public Company

Photo Credits: Paul Cousans / The Sun

From starting his business in his bedroom to being the founder of a £105 million pound public company, Adam Frisby is the success story we needed to hear!

The founder and CEO of the fashion brand In The Style, announced that the company he started seven years ago in his bedroom, traded in the London stock exchange at £105 million pounds.

In The Style is an online womenswear brand that Adam launched in 2013. The company has since worked with high-profile celebrities on fashion collection collaborations.

Photo Credits: Jacqueline Jossa

Adam Frisby has had much success, but it hasn’t come without its challenges. At just the tender age of 15-years-old, Adam was kicked out of his home.

Taking to social media, Adam said: “I will always remember how I felt as that young boy who was kicked out of my home at 15-years-old, chucked on a train with 50p & told I would never amount to anything.

“At 15, with no qualifications, I had to go find a home & a job to start earning some money.”

In an interview with The Mirror, the entrepreneur explained that he went to stay with his grandmother and worked many jobs, including a job at Burger King.

After giving up his job to look after his brother who was in hospital, Adam began working for a charity but was eventually made redundant.

During this period of turmoil, In The Style was born. Adam stated: “I remember for so many years feeling so lost about what the hell I was going to do with my life. I had no confidence, I was totally lost. One afternoon after being made redundant, with under £1000 in my account, I decided to go for it…ITS (In The Style) was born in my bedroom.”

Adam’s story is inspiring and teaches us to go for our dreams. Making the success story even better, In The Style went from £105 million to £123million in value on its first day in the London stock exchange.

Writing on Instagram, Adam sated: “When ITS (In The Style) floated yesterday at £105m, I thought it couldn’t get any better and by the end of the first day of trading, we were valued at £123m.”

We wish Adam and In The Style more success.

Black Girl Ventures Is Helping Black Businesses Thrive Across America

Photo Credits: Business Wire

Shelly Bell, the founder of Black Girl Ventures Foundation, is on a mission to help Black and Brown women entrepreneurs succeed across America through an initiative called Shark Tank Kickstarter.

“I figured out the vehicle,” said Bell. “Once you can figure out the vehicle, then you can measure the impact.” 

According to a report by Fundera, women in 2020 started 1821 new businesses every day and about 25% of women business owners pursue business financing. Even though 64% of companies started last year were founded by women of color, fundraising for Black women is lower than the average entrepreneur. 

As the pandemic continues to loom across America, Black businesses struggle to keep their doors open. That’s when Bell comes in. Black Girl Ventures helps support Black entrepreneurs with access to community networking, financial capital, and the ability to hire. 

Photo Credits: Pennovation Works

With a teaching background and extensive knowledge of IP Strategy, she launched an art organization that hosted poetry events. Bell went on to start her own t-shirt company, where she tried to sell 2000 shirts at a women’s empowerment meeting. 

During this time, Bell learned that funding was not accessible to Black women entrepreneurs. She wanted to change this for Black women and future generations. Then, Shark Tank Kickstarter was born. 

“‘Just do it’ is more than a mantra. It’s a way of life,” she said. “My story of what I have built with Black Girl Ventures is the epitome of ‘just do it.’”

“It would be hard for someone to believe that a woman who had a child at 17 and another child at 21 graduates and becomes a computer scientist but doesn’t work for a tech company but rather a school system, works multiple kinds of jobs, and then one day grows a multimillion-dollar nonprofit, is going to change the world,” she concluded.

To find out more information about the organization by visiting their official website.

How 20-Year-Old Ben Gulliver Built a Million-Pound Business During Lockdown


After being furloughed from his role as a manager at a hair studio, Ben Gulliver decided to use his time to create something he was passionate about. Last year (2020) the 20-year-old from Worcestershire built an online business selling products that were in high demand.

Starting from his bedroom, Ben used his phone and laptop to sell teeth cleaning devices and fitness equipment through Amazon. The move proved to be profitable as he sold thousands of the products he ordered from China.

Speaking about how he started, Ben said, “This was the perfect time. I started researching on YouTube to see what business ventures I could do. I thought, ‘What products are good to sell? A product that solves a problem’. I started thinking what people will need during lockdown and my first idea was buying and selling a teeth plaque cleaning device as all the dentists were closed.”


After selling thousands of teeth cleaning items, he sold the tooth cleaning business to an American investor for a large sum. Gulliver has continued growing his fitness equipment business and even sells other items online. The entrepreneur also hired his friend who focuses on the customer services.

“I was storing the stock in my parents garage. They have been very understanding to say the least. I’m probably doing their heads in now. Now I’ve made some money I will probably look to move out. I’ve now got an office in Bewdley and have employed a mate to help me out.

“We distribute via Amazon and we sell globally – from the USA, Africa to Asia. I’ve made over $1 million so far, that’s revenue rather than profit but I’m amazed how it has taken off. It has been a real adventure so far. It shows how much can change in a year.”

Ben has always had a business mind. “When I was in school, I would buy lollipops for 15p and sell them for £1.”


“I want to help young people start up their businesses and give them advice. All they need is that push to get started. As long as you have a laptop or a phone and the internet, you can create a business.

“My advice to those wanting to follow their dreams is never give up on something you’re passionate about.

“If you make mistakes, learn from them, don’t give up.”