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12-Year-Old Abhimanyu Mishra Becomes The Youngest Chess Grandmaster In History

Photo Credits: United States Chess Federations

Abhimanyu Mishra, 12, has become the youngest grandmaster in chess history!

The New Jersey resident broke Sergey Karjakin’s record of 12 years with a third norm in Budapest, Hungary. Karjakin became the world champion in 2016 after beating Magnus Carlsen and earned the title of grandmaster at 12 years and seven months.

In order to become a chess grandmaster, a player must achieve a score higher than a 2500 Elo rating. The player must attain three grandmaster norms, which is an award given to the highest level of performance in a chess competition. The Elo rating system is determined by the player’s results in past rated matches, as reported by

Mishra had to be at least 12 years, four months, and 25 days to obtain the title of grandmaster. At the Vezerkepzo GM Mix tournament, he defeated Indian grandmaster Leon Mendonca in nine rounds. 

The young champion took to Twitter to celebrate his historic win:

Achieving such a monumental milestone is something that Mishra is familiar with. At just the age of seven, he became the youngest expert in the United States Chess Federations

In addition, he was the youngest National Master at nine years old. When he was 10 years, nine months, and 20 days old, he was the youngest International Master in history. 

Hemant Mishra, Abhimanyu’s father, told ESPN that he is proud of his son’s achievement and will continue to support him in whatever he wants to do in the future. The young chess player was first introduced to the board game by his father at the age of two.

“Up until now I’ve been taking the calls, but once he becomes GM, he’s free to choose what he wants to do with his life,” his father explained. “Whether it’s the tournaments he plays or if he wants to continue to play chess at all. It’ll be his decision.”

Meet Adhara Pérez: The 9-Year-Old Girl That’s Studying Two Degrees To Become An Astronaut

Child genius Adhara Pérez dreams of becoming an astronaut and exploring the depths of space!

The Mexico City native has a higher IQ than theoretical physicist Albert Einstein and is currently studying for two degrees to make her dream come true. 

Pérez is studying virtually at two university degree programs, Systems Engineering at CNCI and Industrial Engineering in Mathematics at UNITEC.

At the age of three, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome after her mother, Nallely Sánchez, was concerned for her daughter’s behavior. 

Sánchez felt that her daughter behaved differently than the other children in her age group.

Her mother revealed in an interview with Infobae that Adhara would “play with blocks, placing them all in rows, ate in the perique and always rocked, and could spend hours and hours like that.”

Due to her diagnosis at a young age, Pérez was often bullied by her classmates and would often show disinterest in the classroom. Her mother decided to enroll her in the Talent Service Center (CEDAT), where they discovered her IQ was 162. 

She went on to finish secondary school at the age of six and went on to finish high school soon after. 

The 9-year-old recently got accepted into the International Air and Space Program (IASP). The event will be located in Alabama and Pérez will be able to study with aerospace experts. Additionally, she will have the opportunity to present a project and be awarded several prizes if selected as the victor. 

Meet Freddie Figgers: The Millionaire Tech Inventor That Was Abandoned As A Baby


Freddie Figgers, 31, is an entrepreneur and the founder of Figgers Wireless, a telecommunication company that is worth more than $62 million. Despite having a hard life at first, the young inventor was able to turn his love for technology into a million dollar business! 

As a baby, Freddie was abandoned and put in a dumpster in the countryside of Florida. He was taken in by his adoptive mother and father, Nathan Figgers and Betty Mae Figgers. 

One day, his father told him about the conditions around his birth. “Your biological mother, she threw you away, and me and Betty Mae, we didn’t want to send you through foster care and we adopted you, and you’re my son,'” Freddie told BBC.

“When he told me that, I was like, ‘OK I’m trash,’ and I felt unwanted,” he continued. “But he grabbed my shoulder and he said, ‘Listen, don’t you ever let that bother you.'”

Freddie found an interest in computers when his father Nathan brought home a broken Mac. After he took the computer apart and fixed it after 50 attempts, Freddie knew he wanted to pursue a career in technology. 

When he was 12-years-old, he was hired by the mayor of Quincy, Florida to repair computers. “When we get to city hall, she shows me all of these computers in the back, oh gosh, maybe 100 of them stacked up, and she says, ‘I need these computers repaired,'” he said.

Soon after, Freddie would fix computers after school for $12 an hour. “It wasn’t even really about the money,” he added. “I had an opportunity to do something that I loved to do and it was just so fun to me.”

In another interview with The Florida Times Union, Freddie revealed that he used the money from his invention of the “smart shoe” to start his company Figgers Wireless. He created a shoe with a GPS tracker for his father after he developed Alzheimer’s disease and would wander out of the house. 

“It was difficult to watch him decline – it’s something you never forget,” he said. “I’ve always been so grateful to him and my mom. They taught me not to let my circumstances define who I was.”

The tech inventor also created the Figgers Foundation, which donates to causes that include helping frontline workers, providing college scholarships to high school students, and more. 

Freddie went on to say that he will always be grateful to his parents and how they gave him the opportunity to have a future. 

“That could be me on the streets – I could have been homeless or dead if I hadn’t been found by the dumpster after I was born,” he said. “My parents adopted me and gave me love and a future. They did their best to make the world a better place, and now that’s all I want to do, too.”

‘Friends’ Reunion Special Finally Has An Official Release Date

Photo Credit: NBC

The wait is finally over!

HBO Max released an official release date for the highly anticipated Friends reunion special.

The televised event will include Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. The former cast members will reunite on the original soundstage at Warner Bros and relive the memorable moments from the beloved NBC sitcom in an unscripted special.

Along with the original cast members, the special will feature a variety of special guests that include Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, James Corden, Cindy Crawford, David Beckham, BTS, and many more. 

The reunion special was first announced in February 2020 and was set to premiere in May on HBO Max. However, the production was halted due to the pandemic. 

Friends: The Reunion is scheduled to premiere May 27 (2021) on HBO Max.

Naomi Osaka Announces Her New Skincare Line For People Of Color

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

Naomi Osaka has ventured into the world of skincare!

The 23-year-old professional tennis player has launched a skincare line that caters to people of color. The brand name, Kinló, will pay homage to Osaka’s racial identity. Kin means “gold” in Japanese, and ló means “gold” in Haitian Creole. 

The skincare line will feature a tinted SPF 40 moisturizer that offers blue-light protection from a computer or cell phone screen. Additionally, another tinted moisturizer with SPF 50 will be included, which can be used as a light coverage foundation.

Osaka wants to encourage the use of sunscreen among people of color. 

“For me, this project is something that requires more than just being a spokesperson. This is a public health need,” Osaka said in an interview with Business of Fashion. “I used to tell people that I didn’t need to wear sunscreen — but even if you have melanin, you need to take care of your skin, and I am passionate about that.”

The line will only feature five products, including the protective body spray, restorative lip balm, and eye cream. Also, the products will be under $20, making it super affordable!

Kinló will launch in the fall (2021).

Yuh-Jung Youn Makes History As The First Korean Actor To Win An Oscar

Photo Credit: Oscars

South Korean actress Yuh-Jung Youn made history at the Oscars!

The Minari star is the first Korean performer in history to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. She won the award for playing the role of Soon-ja, an outspoken grandmother that moves with her daughter’s family to a farm in Arkansas.

Yuh-Jung Youn is also the second Asian actress in history to win an Oscar. Miyoshi Umeki was the first Asian actress to win an award for Best Supporting Actress in 1957.

During her acceptance speech, the 73-year-old thanked the film’s director, Lee Isaac Chung, and fellow cast members which included Steven Yeun, Han Ye-Ri, Noel Cho, and Alan Kim.

“I don’t believe in competition. How can I win over Glenn Close? I’ve been watching her, so many performances. So this is just, all the nominees, five nominees, we are the winner for the different movie,” she said. 

“We play the different role, so we cannot compete with each other,” she continued. “Tonight, I’m here, it’s just, I have a little bit luck, I think, maybe. I’m luckier than you.”

Congratulations to Yuh-Jung Youn on her historic win! 

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Sequel Currently In The Works With Hulu, Hilary Duff Set To Star

Photo Credit: CBS

Attention all How I Met Your Mother fans! It looks like a spin-off series based on the popular CBS sitcom is currently in the works and has been ordered by Hulu!

The new series will be titled How I Met Your Father with Hilary Duff set to star. The former Disney Channel actress will play the role of Sophie who tells her son the story about how she met his father, which follows the same premise of the original series. 

How I Met Your Mother premiered on CBS in 2005 and ran for nine seasons on the network. The main cast featured Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, and Alyson Hannigan. 

Photo Credit: CBS

The upcoming revival series was created by This Is Us show-runners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. The original creators of How I Met Your Mother, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, will serve as executive producers. Additionally, Duff will produce the show. 

“We are beyond excited to be bringing How I Met Your Father to Hulu,” Aptaker and Berger said in a statement to Deadline. “Carter and Craig’s iconic original series revolutionized the half-hour comedy, and we are so honored to be carrying the torch forward for the next generation – and with Hilary Duff no less!”

The main cast members of the original sitcom have not been confirmed to join the new sequel series.

An official release date for How I Met Your Father remains unannounced. 

First Grader Asks ‘Old Navy’ Retail Company To Make Girls’ Jeans With Real Pockets In Handwritten Letter

Photo Credits: Bentonville Schools Facebook Page

One first-grader from Arkansas, US was in great need of a pair of jeans with pockets that could keep her hands warm.

7-year-old Kamryn Gardner decided to write a letter to the clothing retailer Old Navy, asking the company to stop making girls’ jeans with fake pockets.

“Dear Old Navy. I do not like that the front pockets of the girls’ jeans are fake. I want front pockets because I want to put my hands in them,” Gardner wrote in the letter. “I also would like to put things in them.”

Photo Credits: Bentonville Schools Facebook Page

Gardner shared that seeing the contrast in her brother’s jeans motivated her to write to Old Navy. 

“I wrote to them because I would like a place to put my hands and a place to hold my stuff,” she told The Washington Post. “I want my pants to have real pockets like my brother’s pants.”

Her request didn’t go unheard!

Old Navy wrote a handwritten letter back to her saying they would develop the suggested product. They also gave her a free pair of jeans that had real pockets.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write us about pockets on girls’ jeans,” the letter read. “The Old Navy kids product team appreciates your information, it’s great feedback for us as we develop the new product.”

Photo Credits: Bentonville Schools Facebook Page

Gardner’s elementary school praised the first-grader for using her voice to make a difference.

“Oh, the power of persuasion especially when you’re adorable!” Evening Star Elementary School wrote in a Facebook post. “Kamryn, you proudly own those pockets! Kudos to Old Navy for making this first grader’s day and ours!” 

St. Louis Elects Tishaura Jones As City’s First Black Female Mayor

Photo Credits: AP

History has just been made in the city of St. Louis, US!

St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones has been elected as the city’s first Black female mayor. Jones beat her opponent Alderwoman Cara Spencer with a total of 2,280 votes, per the unofficial election results posted on the city’s online election board. 

“Making history as the first Black woman mayor is not lost on me at this moment,” she said in an interview. “I’m also looking at how little girls will look at this moment going forward and will see that they can be anything and that they have a mayor that looks like them.”

In her victory speech, Jones pledged to enforce real change in the city of St. Louis. “This is an opportunity for us to rise,” she said. “I told you when I was running that we aren’t done avoiding tough conversations. We are done ignoring the racism that has held our city and our region back.”

Jones added that she will always speak up against discrimination and other social issues. “I will not stay silent when I spot any injustice,” she said.

Photo Credit: St. Louis Public Radio

This mayoral election was the first to utilize the city’s new election law overhaul called Proposition D

The new system requires candidates to run in the March primaries and the two candidates with the most votes will face off in the general election in April. In addition, residents can vote for as many candidates as they want.

Jones wants to provide better resources to those that live in the north of Delmar Boulevard, which mainly consists of Black residents. She also wants to tackle the rise in violence, the city’s growth in prison population, and public health policies.

“It’s time for St. Louis to thrive,” she said. “It’s time to bring a breath of fresh air to our neighbourhoods.”

Buddhist Monk Rescued From Cave In Thailand After Being Trapped For Four Days

Photo Credit: AP

After being trapped in a cave for four days, a Buddhist monk has finally been rescued by a group of divers!

In Thailand, 46-year-old Phra Manas walked into the Phra Sai Ngam cave to meditate, but an unexpected rainstorm flooded parts of the cave, trapping him inside. 

The rescue team stated in a Facebook post that the monk was reported missing by local villagers.

Due to the rising water levels, the rescue team couldn’t go into the cave, however when the rain subsided, seventeen divers entered and proceeded with the rescue effort. 

Photo Credits: BBC

A video posted by the rescue team showed the monk wearing a diving mask while being led to safety by a 12-meter swim underwater. He was later taken to hospital for observation.

We’re happy Phra Manas is safe and sound!

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