Manchester City Football Player Rodrigo Hernandez Is Making A Future For Himself Off The Field By Getting A Degree

Photo Credits: ITV Hub

Manchester City’s Midfielder Rodrigo Hernandez is anything but an average football player!

The 24-year old, who also goes by “Rodri”, is studying for a degree in Business Administration and Management.

Football has always been of the utmost importance to the Spain international. However, education has also been a priority for Rodri. 

According to Sky Sports, his father sent him to the U.S and Ireland on a foreign exchange program to learn English. 

When he was playing La Liga at Villarreal, he studied Business Studies and Economics at University.

To make sure he never missed a lecture, Rodri resided in student accommodation at the Universidad de Castellon. 

“People were shocked when they saw Rodri, who was playing in the top flight but still living at the university residence,” his friend, Valentin Henarejo, told MARCA.

“After the first few days of getting to know him, there was normality. He shared a space with everyone, he liked being with his friends and sitting on the sofa with everyone,” Henarejo added. “But, of course, at the start it was strange seeing him playing table tennis or doing his washing.”

Rodri’s attitude toward being a football player and a college student has been a rewarding experience for him. 

On the official Manchester City website, Rodrio got candid about his studies. 

“I’m sure it’s going to be helpful in the future one way or another. You never know,” he said. “When I finish my career as a player, I’d like to stay in contact with the sports world but if it doesn’t happen, that’s fine too.”