Boy Escapes Potential Kidnapping By Asking Store Assistant To Act Like His Mother

A 10 year old boy escaped a potential kidnapping by asking a store assistant to act like she was his mother.

Sammy Green, who is from Pennsylvania, was walking home from school when he noticed a woman following him.

He told Fox 29: “She was like, ‘I’m going to Wawa, do you want to come with me? Are you going to Wawa? What are you getting?’

“She was like, ‘I’m going to Wawa, do you want to come with me? Are you going to Wawa? What are you getting?’”

The woman also reportedly asked him where his family was.

In a video shared on social media, Sammy can be seen entering a shop and approaching 17-year-old store assistant Hannah Daniels.

The woman, who had been following him, stood by the store’s front door holding it open.

Hannah told CBS news that the boy said, “Act like you’re my mom, this lady is following me.

“He was really panicked. I was just like, ‘all right, go to the back.’ He didn’t want to leave my side.”

Hannah can be seen walking over to the door and calmly locking it.

Sammy’s father told WPVI-TV: “To see my child looking for help because he was afraid basically for his life, that cuts you deep. He handled it very well.”

Advising other parents to warn their children about safety, he added:  “Think of every scenario and make sure that children know and also practice it. Practice your situations and scenarios just like fire drills.”

According to Pottstown Police Department’s police Chief Mick Markovich, the incident was not reported to police.

Markovich told USA TODAY: “We saw the video on Facebook and investigated it from there. Several of our officers recognised the woman on the Facebook video as a local homeless woman that is often in the area.”  

The lady was reportedly found by officers and is getting help for mental health issues.


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