94-year-old Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker fulfils dream of wearing a wedding dress for the first time

Photo Credit: Martha Tucker / Facebook

94-year-old Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker from Alabama, U.S has fulfilled her dream of wearing a wedding dress for the first time. Despite getting married to the love of her life in 1952, Martha wasn’t able to wear or try on wedding dresses due to the racial segregation laws that prevented Black people from being allowed in bridal shops.

Martha’s granddaughter Erika Tucker wrote on Facebook: “My 94 year young granny never had a traditional wedding, so she told my cousin that she wanted to try on wedding dresses….. well my cousin made it happen! It was absolutely beautiful! She was a beautiful “bride”! Y’all better create moments and memories with your people. I’m so glad that I was there to witness this!”

Her other granddaughter Angela Strozier, explained that the family had been watching the movie Coming To America, when grandma Martha whispered, “I’ve always wanted to try on a wedding dress.”

Angela then organised her grandmother to have a makeup artist and try on dresses at a bridal shop in Hoover, Alabama.

In a statement, the 94-year-old said, “You know, I can’t even express how special it was. It was too special. I’ve been wanting to do that a long time, just put one on.”

Many people, including some famous faces, have been sharing Martha’s story.

Angela said to Insider, “She acts extremely excited as if she knows who it is but she’s 94. So when I told her ‘Grandma, Snoop Dogg just shared your pictures on his Instagram,’ she was like, ‘Snoop Dogg?’ And we laughed because she probably don’t know who Snoop Dogg is.

“Now she’s saying, ‘Do you think Oprah may call me?’ I said, ‘I don’t think so Grandma.'”