Dappy Helps Save Man After Talking Him Out Of Jumping Off London’s Tower Bridge

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Dappy is being praised after talking a man out of jumping off London’s Tower Bridge.

The 34-year-old UK rapper was shooting a music video nearby when he saw a number of police cars and ambulances arrive in the area – they were tending to a 27-year-old man who wanted to take his own life.

Due to the bridge being closed off, the police told Dappy to leave the area, but as he was walking away the man on the bridge, who happened to be a fan of Dappy, shouted Dappy’s name. The musician then convinced the police to let him speak to the 27-year-old.

Confirming the reports, Dappy’s girlfriend, Imani Campbell, later posted a video on Instagram that showed him asking the police if he could speak to the man.

She then wrote: “I truly believe the universe sent us to that bridge so Daps could save this young man’s life. As soon as he recognised Daps his whole demeanour changed, we saw hope appear in his eyes.

“Daps told him his life is precious and that he loves him… he talked him off the bridge… the man and his family reached out and he is alive and well.”

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