Helicopter Rescues Bride-To-Be After She Gets Flooded In On Her Wedding Day

Photo Credits: Amanda Hibbard

Kate Fotheringham proved that love truly conquers all when she woke up at 6am on her wedding day to see floodwaters across Dingo Creek, blocking the road to the church in Wingham. Despite this, she was still determined to make it down the aisle.   

Kate, who is 18 weeks pregnant, was at her parents’ home in New South Wales, Australia – a region that has been experiencing devastating rainfall, resulting in the evacuation of 18,000 people.

When Kate woke up at 6am to find herself flooded in at her family farm in Killawarra, she took to social media to ask for help.

She wrote: “Help me!!! It’s my wedding day and we’re flooded in! We need help to get to Wingham over the flooded creek. Anyone know someone willing to help?”

It didn’t take long for her tweet to go viral and with the help of her then husband-to-be calling helicopters to get her, Affinity Helicopters, a local tour agency in Port Macquarie, stepped in and offered to give her a lift to the church.

Kate told The Daily Telegraph: “It was absolutely crazy, we cried when the helicopter showed up, and then the catering company and my hair stylist cancelled but we managed to find replacements… it was like we were in a movie.”

Giving an update, Kate tweeted: “Update, I made it to the church and married the love of my life! Affinity Helicopters in Port Macquarie came to rescue and made sure we all got there.”

Although only 80 of their 180 guests managed to turn up, Kate and Wayne had an emotionally fueled wedding day that only proved that together they can overcome anything. They even decided to have their wedding photos taken in front of the flood that had caused so much trouble, resulting in this powerful photograph that has been shared thousands of times on Twitter.

Weddings are always memorable occasions, but this one will be the talk of the town for years to come. Amongst such devastation, some good and happiness fought through.

You can watch Kate tell the story in the video above!