First Lady Jill Biden Celebrates Valentine’s Day By Decorating The White House Lawn

Many people remember making heart-shaped cards as a kid and giving them to their classmates for Valentine’s Day. First Lady Jill Biden captured the spirit of that tradition at the White House. Before dawn on Friday, she surprised everyone by decorating the North Lawn of the White House with giant hearts.  

The décor hearts are red, white, and pink. They resemble candy hearts with sentimental messages. Each heart has positive words, such as “unity,” “healing,” and “hope,” written on them. Additionally, the First Lady painted “Love, Jill” on one of the hearts. 

Jill Biden’s goal with the Valentine’s Day decorations is to cheer up American citizens during these trying times. 

“I just wanted some joy,” Jill Biden told reporters viewing the decorations. “With the pandemic, just everybody’s feeling a little down. So, it’s just a little joy. A little hope. That’s all.”

Her office issued a statement to USA Today saying that Valentine’s Day is her favorite holiday. So, it’s no surprise that she wanted to start celebrating the holiday early. The statement also stated that the decorations were “her Valentine to the County.”

However, this isn’t the first-time Jill Biden has displayed her love of Valentine’s Day at the White House. President Joe Biden told the reporters that his wife decorated the window in his office during his first year as vice president. She drew a heart that said, “Joe loves Jill.” 

Valentine’s Day is most commonly known as a holiday for couples, but the First Lady’s decorations remind us that it’s also about spreading joy to all of those you love.