UK Law Changed To Allow Attorney General And Other Cabinet Ministers To Take Maternity Leave

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The UK government will be updating the law to allow Suella Braverman, the government’s chief law officer, to take maternity leave. She will become the first cabinet minister to be given paid maternity leave.

Announcing last November (2020) that she would be expecting her second child “early next year”, Suella Braverman would have had to resign if she wanted to take time off work after the birth of her child.

The new law will allow her and other cabinet ministers to take six months maternity leave on full pay.

In a statement, Boris Johnson said: “The choice between taking leave to recover from childbirth and care for a new-born child or resigning from office is not acceptable in modern times.”

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Suella Braverman became the second woman to be appointed attorney general for England and Wales in February 2020.