Mom Passes Out At The Wheel And Her Teen Son Saves Their Lives

Image Credit: Courtesy of Bustin family. TODAY.

After a mother suffered from a surprising allergic reaction from peanuts, she passed out whilst driving. Luckily her son acted without panic and steered them to safety.

It was a typical day for 54-year-old Lisa Bustin, and her 13-year-old son Nathan. While driving to pick him up from ice hockey practice on Jan. 3, Lisa ate a handful of peanuts she found in the car. Due to rarely eating peanuts, she didn’t know she had developed an allergy to them.

Lisa’s hands and feet started to tingle on the way back home, and she rolled up the window to get some air. Nathan took notice of her condition and quickly acted when she passed out while driving. He reached over, keeping the wheel steady, and called 911.

“It could have gone south pretty fast, but luckily I was able to take control,” Nathan said to TODAY.

They were going relatively slow initially, but Bustin’s foot dropped onto the pedal, causing the car to accelerate to 40 miles an hour. Nathan then navigated through traffic on the highway and hit a slow-moving truck.

Once the airbags deployed, Nathan dragged them out of the car and into the grass, where Bustin regained consciousness.

“He really just was my hero because he didn’t panic,” Lisa told TODAY. “He just thought, I’ve got to help my mom, save my mom.”

Both were given a clean bill of health at the hospital, and the doctors diagnosed Lisa’s previous symptoms as an allergic reaction to the peanuts she’d eaten.

Lisa said that God was looking down at them and helped Nate steer the car.

If you’re ever in this position, don’t turn off the engine as it will prevent you from steering or using the breaks. Instead, experts suggest shifting the transmission into neutral. Let it roll to a stop on the shoulder of the road. If there’s no time to do that, try reaching the brake pedal or use the hand brake, which will give you a quicker stop.