Super Mum Saves Her 6 Children From A Devastating House Fire, “If I birthed 6 kids, I’m gonna get 6 kids out”

On December 2020 at the Swedish Heroes’ Gala, Emma Schols was named Lifeguard of the Year after the mum of six rescued all her children in a house fire.

Born in Sweden, the 31-year-old was asleep in her home when the entire bottom floor was engulfed in flames. Her two younger sons were asleep there. As she opened her front door her entire house suddenly burst into flames. Without a second thought she rushed downstairs and herded her sons out the front door, shielding them from the flames with her body.

The stairs to the rest of her kids were covered in flames but this did not stop her from fulfillng mission. She felt the pain and heat pierce her feet as she climbed the stairs and with every step she felt her skin and hair burning like coal.

Schols shouted to her kids to run to the balcony to escape. Her eldest son William found a ladder to help his siblings escape from the balcony. Her daughter Nellie managed to escape and ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

The relief set in once Emma knew all her children were alive and safe. The pain however had taken over causing her to lose consciousness.

On the verge of life and death, the courageous mother survived despite having suffered devastating burns to 93 percent of her body.

A true hero. Her heroism has proven to us all that a mother’s love is one that we should truly treasure!