Toni Braxton reveals Tevin Campbell’s 1994 song ‘I’m Ready’ could have been hers

Toni Braxton could have been the recording artist for Tevin’s Campbell’s 1994 song ‘I’m Ready’.

Taking to Twitter last year, Toni, 54, wrote: “Oh man, I was so jealous when Face played I’m Ready for me before he gave it to Tevin. I loved this song, I wanted it so bad!”

Singer and song-writer Babyface, 62, wrote the song.

In response to Toni’s tweet, Tevin, 45, then said: “I wanted ‘Another Sad Love Song’, so you and me…we even!”

‘Another Sad Love Song’ was Toni’s 1993 song. It was written and produced by Babyface and Daryl Simmons.