Meet Joe Fox: He Went From Being A Homeless Busker To Being A Recording Artist After Bumping Into A$AP Rocky In London

Photo Credit: Joe Fox

How have we not heard about this amazing story?

In 2014, Joe Fox was out on the streets of London singing and playing his guitar! Trying to save up for shelter, he was also selling his CDs.

At around 4 in the morning, Joe came across rapper A$AP Rocky, who was with Hector Delgado – a music artist and producer. Not knowing who they were, Joe asked if they wanted to buy his CD.

Fox told i-D Magazine: “I go up to them and say ‘Do you want to buy a CD?’ and Rocky says, ‘Can you play me a song?’ So I play a whole song and I get to the end – that’s usually when people buy a CD – so I say ‘Do you want to buy a CD?’ and he said ‘No, but we’re going to Starbucks, and then to the studio, you should come and work with us. Jump in the car.'”

The studio sessions proved to be great, as Joe Fox ended up being featured 5 times on A$AP’s album, ‘At.Long.Last ASAP’! This was released in 2015 and was A$AP’s second studio album. The album featured many artists such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Future and many more!

In the following years, Joe has gone on to release his own singles and we definitely hope to hear more of his work!

An amazing story of opportunity and overnight success, you can follow the musician here.