Rapper Tokyo Jetz gives nappies, milk and money to a mother who texted her by accident

Photo Credit: Getty Images

God works in mysterious ways indeed!

Rapper Tokyo Jetz took to social media to share how a text message she received by accident, enabled her to help a mother who was in need of items.

Taking to the Gram, Tokyo’s caption read: “Idk how she got my number mixed up but ima just say God work in mysterious ways ..I happened to be 20 mins away and grabbed all the closest store had.”

Screenshots of the text messages showcased a mother, who thought she was messaging someone she knew, asking for a can of milk.

Despite realising that the message was sent to her by accident, Tokyo kept on asking questions and insisted on giving the mother everything she needed.

Speaking to The Shade Room, the artist said: “I happened to be in my hometown & she happened to live in my old neighbourhood.

“It just seemed like I was supposed to honestly.”

A screenshot that revealed Tokyo gifting the mother with money was also shared with The Shade Room