The Female Truck Drivers Who Have Become Influencers By Showing Their Trucking World On TikTok

Photo Credit: Clarissa Rankin

There is a growing number of women taking on trucking as a profession and the numbers are only getting better with the introduction of TikTok! Female drivers are using the platform to share their daily experiences and stories, encouraging other women to join them!

Clarissa Rankin is one influencer who spreads the message that trucking is for everyone. She uses her TikTok platform of 1 million followers to show her routine as a trucker, how she embraces her style on the road, and her ‘Mommy Get Away Apartment’, which is the bunk in her truck. Rankin also uses her online community to spread motivation and encourage others to join her in the career. 

Similar to Clarissa, there are many other influencers who are growing their social media around their trucking world. Tierra Allen wanted to be a truck driver since she was a teenager and enrolled into school for trucking at 18-years-old. Now 8 years on, she uses her TikTok to break down the stigma of being a trucker. Tierra said, “I like to show that you can still be feminine in a male dominated field, and a lot of people need to see that.”

The 26-year-old also uses her TikTok to give advice on how to stay healthy on the road.

Photo Credit: Tierra Allen

Candace Rivers is another influencer who is determined to use her platform to provide health guidance to truck drivers. Rivers owns Fit’s Possible Trucking, which creates integrated fitness programs for truck drivers – many businesses have included this in their employee care. 

Photo Credit: Candace Rivers / CNN

These women are showing that it is possible to do incredible things in a male dominated field. By using social media to showcase their world, they are letting other women know that they too can become truck drivers.

Inclusive industry groups like Women in Trucking, have made incredible strives towards inclusivity by collaborating with Girl Scouts of America, enabling young girls to see trucking as an accessible career option.