Meet Ahana Banerjee and Ben Richards: The Imperial Physics Students Who launched A Skincare Tracking App

Photo Credit: Ahana Banerjee YouTube

Two Imperial College London students, Ahana Banerjee and Ben Richards, have created an app to track, share and compare skincare routines.

According to Ahana and Ben, who are final year physics students, their platform Clear is the first of its kind and is similar to exercise tracking platforms such as Strava.

Photo Credit: Clear

With the skin care app, users will be able to record their skincare routines and follow people with similar skincare issues.

Speaking of her skincare experience, Co-founder Ahana said: “As an acne sufferer, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to know which skincare products to use and whether they’re working. 98% of Gen Z, myself included, learn about skincare through social media.

“While there are pockets of information online, there is no go-to platform for all-things skincare. With Clear, we empower consumers to make informed decisions about the skincare products they’re using.”