Mexico City Starts the New Year Right by Banning Single-Use Plastics and Straws

Photo Credit: Daniel Lerman

Mexico City has banned single-use plastics after a year of preparation. Disposable items such as straws, forks, cotton swabs, stirrers, plastic cutlery, and single-use containers are included in the ban.

The Secretary of the Environment of Mexico City stated on Twitter that “from today on Mexico City without single-use plastics.” He compared the reusable packaging to cellphones, as both are something they should take with them wherever they go.

Mexico’s capital is one of the world’s largest cities, and it has a population of 9 million people. The capital’s environmental agency reported two years ago that Mexico City produced 13,000 tons of garbage daily. This report led to Mexico City first passing the ban on single-use plastics in 2019. Mexico City hopes the ban will encourage citizens to use less single-use plastics in their life which will decrease waste.

The ban will take place everywhere, including public areas and restaurants. Street food stalls are starting to provide customers with biodegradable bags more often and use plastic straws less. Fresh foods like tortillas are handed over in reusable wrapping that the customer brings with them.

There is no imposition of fines if someone neglects the ban. Also, with the coronavirus, the regulations will be harder to regulate. However, citizens’ support will help the ban be more effective and lead the capital to a more sustainable lifestyle.

China is as well working towards implementing greener policies. The country has a dense population, making the reduction of plastic pollution substantial.

The environment will see significant improvement through places like China and Mexico City transferring single-use materials to more biodegradable options.