Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez Discuss the 20th Anniversary of “The Wedding Planner”  

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey gave fans a blast from the past by celebrating the 20th anniversary of their film “The Wedding Planner” last Tuesday (26/01/21). 

Both actors discussed on-set memories fondly over Instagram Live. Lopez laughed as she recalled filming the kissing scene. Before they kissed, McConaughey used a bit of his southern charm by saying, “Ms. Lopez, I’m going to kiss you now,” and she responded, “Ok, let’s do this!” 

McConaughey also told the story of when they shot Steve’s prince-charming-like rescue of Mary (their characters were called Steve and Mary). He called Lopez a “pro” for doing all of her stunts. He assured her while filming that he wouldn’t be tardy, pushing her out of the way from the dumpster in time. 

When talking about her feelings about the movie and its significance, Lopez said, “I love ‘The Wedding Planner’ so much. I cannot tell you how many people come up to me and tell me ‘The Wedding Planner’ was their favorite movie of mine.”

“The Wedding Planner” is also historic, as it made it into the Guinness World Records book. The movie topped the top in the box office the same week Lopez’s album topped the music charts. It was the first time a female has had a number one movie and album simultaneously. 

After the challenging year we all had, romantic comedies are just what the doctor ordered. They promise viewers a feel-good story with a happy ending. Lopez and McConaughey agreed about the importance of the romantic comedy genre.

“It feels a little like Saturday evening every day on set and when you’re watching those movies,” McConaughey said about romantic comedies. “They provide audiences with 90 minutes of escapism and of pleasure.”

Undoubtedly, we’ll be re-watching “The Wedding Planner” this Valentine’s Day!