Online debate about boys using cooking toys causes parents to share positive images of their sons cooking in kitchens sets

Photo Credit: Marlene Carey

An online debate has caused parents to proudly share images of their young boys cooking in kitchen sets.

The heartwarming photos come after some social media users said that boys shouldn’t be given kitchen sets to play with due to believing they’re only for girls.

In response to the debate, a person said: “People are so close minded. What is wrong with buying a kitchen set for your son and teaching him to be a responsible human being when it comes to culinary stuff? Wake up people!”

One parent spoke about how much her son loves to cook and how all children should be taught to learn.

Her Facebook post read: “I don’t push or make him cook. He just like to create flavors. This is a lesson that all kids should learn. One day they’ll have a family to feed.”

Sharing a snap of his son cooking, a father wrote in a photo caption: “Boy cut daddy piece a cake from ya KITCHEN SET!!”

Another said: “Ain’t nothing wrong with kitchen sets for boys. I Just gotta watch mines when he cookin my food!”