Stormzy hosting Christmas party for Croydon residents

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Stormzy is hosting a Christmas party for Croydon residents today (03/12/21).

The rapper and entrepreneur’s #Merky Foundation is organising the event. Stormzy was born and raised in Croydon, London

“It is a chance for the Croydon community to enjoy a day out and have a chance to win some very special prizes,” reads the press release for the event, which takes place in Croydon’s Fairfield Halls,” the press release stated.

“The party, founded by an abundance of generous donors, will include a plethora of activities including games, performances, tombola, workshops and more with Stormzy also being present to join in the fun.”

Starting at 4:30pm, residents from the ages of 4 and upwards will be able to have their fun and from 7pm, 10-year-olds and above will have their party.

500 copies of Stormzy’s debut children’s book, ‘Superheroes: Inspiring Stories of Secret Strength’ will also be given out.

Stormzy’s #Merky Foundation ‘provides funding to organisations, charities and movements that are committed to fighting racial inequality, justice reform and black empowerment within the UK’.