Racquel Palmer: Actress who paid for a billboard to get Tyler Perry’s attention lands a lead role in his new TV project

Photo Credit: Instagram / Getty Images

Actress Racquel Palmer went viral in 2019 after she spent $2000 to get the attention of entertainment mogul Tyler Perry.

Determined to star in one of his projects, the actress paid to for an Atlanta billboard that read: “Attention Mr Perry. Raquel Palmer is your next leading lady.”

Below the text were links to her website and social media platform. 

Proof of the billboard’s success, Racquel has now been casted as a lead in the director’s new BET+ series All The Queen’s Men.

Speaking about her role in the series, the actress told TMZ: “I’m a lead on his new show which is called All the Queens Men that comes out September 9th.

“I play Blue, who is her (Madam) head of security. I pick up any loose ends, I’m extremely loyal to Madam and anything that she needs to be done.”

Whilst Tyler wasn’t too impressed in his 2019 response to the billboard, he did end his caption with: “God bless you dreamer. I have no doubt you will make it one day.”

Not long after the billboard, Racquel landed a guest role on Tyler’s BET drama Sistas.

When speaking to TMZ, the actress said: “We never spoke of the billboard.

“It’s just an actor and director relationship. It’s like it never happened.”