Yulimar Rojas: From growing up in poverty to becoming Venezuela’s first female Olympic champion

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This year, Yulimar Rojas became Venezuela’s first female Olympic champion during the Tokyo Olympics.

Only 25 years old, Yulimar is certainly an inspiration.

She grew up with six siblings and her house moved whenever it rained.

Speaking about her beginnings, the campion said:”I come from humble beginnings.”

“I belong to a large family, six siblings, my father, my mother… living on a little farm with a lot of uncertainties.

“Thanks to this I am a different Yulimar Rojas. It has helped me become a better version of myself. The adversities helped me believe in myself and my abilities.”

When Yulimar was younger she also faced difficulty walking.

Despite the odds, the athlete has not only become Venezuela’s first female champion, but she also broke the world record for women’s triple jump with her 15.7 meter jump at the Tokyo Olympics.