A New Educational Show For Latino Children Has Graced The Scene

Photo Credits: Jessica Schramm / Exile Content Studio

A new educational series for latino children has arrived!

Club Mundo Kids, which premiered on Televisa and Universo, is aimed at first-and second-generation Latino children in the United States.

Spoken in Spanish, the series also incorporates a little of the English language.

The show follows bilingual host Romina Puga and her two puppet friends – Coco, (shaped like a coconut), and Maya. Together, they engage in conversations about the news, space, endangered animals, the environment and more! They even host guest experts and ask them questions so the audience can gain more understanding about the topics.

In a statement, host Romina Puga, who used to be an ABC News correspondent, said, “There is very little content being created that is speaking to U.S. Hispanic, Latinx children and telling their stories. The younger generation doesn’t really have anyone breaking things down and talking directly to them in a way that is digestible.”

As well as current affairs, Club Mundo Kids aims to create a community where latino children in the United States can have a sense of belonging and feel proud of their multicultural identities. 

Speaking of her own experiences, Romina described how growing up in a latino household in Miami, she would speak Spanish at home and English with her school friends. However, she never identified with her schoolmates nor her South American native-born cousin. Instead, she identified with friends who had the mixed identities that came with growing up as Latinos in the United States.

“To me, that’s what I want ‘Club Mundos Kids’ to be — that group for kids, a place to identify, where they don’t need to pick one or the other. They don’t need to pick English or Spanish but they can celebrate and be proud of their multicultural identities. This whole show was built with them in mind and built for these kids so their stories could be told, and we could celebrate all of those identities that they feel,” the 31-year-old host said.