Graduate Sends A Private Message To Social Chain Founder Steven Bartlett And Gets A Job Offer 10 Minutes Later

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It’s not uncommon for graduates to face challenges when seeking employment after university. Whilst many do have success in securing jobs, there are graduates who remain unemployed for months during their job search. However, this isn’t the story for Nathan Bickerton.

Showing great initiative, Nathan decided to write a Wikipedia page for Social Chain founder Steven Bartlett, after he noticed the serial entrepreneur didn’t have one. The graduate then sent a private message to Steven about it and to his surprise, was offered a job ten minutes later.

Taking to social media, Steven Bartlett said: “I offered this young guy a job 10 minutes after he sent me this message.

“He identified a blind spot I had, created a solution, got it done and sent me a nice message. This one act stood out more than the 500+ CV’s I’ve received this week.”

Sharing his excitement on LinkedIn, Nathan wrote: “This morning I googled his name and noticed he didn’t have a Wikipedia page.

“I thought he deserved one and needed content for my writing portfolio so I drafted one and got it uploaded.

“After reaching out to Steven for permission to share the entry on my LinkedIn, he surprisingly responded offering me so much more!

“Thank you so much for the opportunity Steven and I can’t wait to be working with you!”

Known for inspiring millions of people with his videos on social media, Steven Bartlett founded Social Chain – a social media agency, at the age of 21 and by the age of 27, he had built it into a global business with $220m annual revenue. The 28-year-old has since moved on to other successful ventures.

Earning a first class Business and PR degree from Liverpool John Moores University in 2020, Nathan is set to earn his masters in Digital Marketing this year (2021). In April, Nathan will also begin his internship with Steven Bartlett in London. We wish him all the best!