Empire State Building And 13 Other Buildings Now Powered By Wind Energy


Technology has always helped us move a step further in life, and with the help of consistent use of sustainable energy we might just make the earth a greener place to live. 

For the first time in history, the Empire State Building, along with 13 other office buildings owned by Empire State Realty Trust will be exclusively powered by wind. 

Empire State Realty Trust purchased a substantial amount of wind energy from Green Mountain Energy and Direct Energy, making it the nation’s most significant real estate user of wind energy. 

According to the three year contract that started on Jan 1, an estimated 300 million kilowatt hours of electricity will be provided for more than the 10 million-square-foot portfolio of ESRT. 

By using 100% renewable energy in its entire portfolio, ESRT will evade manufacturing 450 million pounds of carbon dioxide, making a drastic change in decreasing carbon emissions. 

Natural Resources Defense Council Director ‘Donna De Costanzo’ said “More and more building owners are understanding the critical role that our skyline plays in tackling climate change and how they can be an important part of the solution.” 

Referring to the confidentiality clauses of the contract, ESRT evaded giving the exact value of the wind energy purchase, but cited that acquiring clean energy is notably more expensive than buying power from local utilities. 

“We want to differentiate ourselves so we get better tenants at higher rents so we can outperform our competition. It’s all market driven,” said Anthony Malkin, the trust’s chief executive. 

Commercial sales director of Green Mountain Energy Cyndy Renolds said, ” When you have someone like ESRT who you know is going to look at every facet, whether it’s cost or reliability, and they decide to move forward … it’s not just a PR play at that point; It truly does check the boxes of all the business metrics they have.”

She further added, “It’s so important to have examples like ESRT to show the nation that renewable power options are affordable and, dare I say, competitive!” 

According to the Energy Information Administration, wind energy is one of the most commonly used forms of renewable energy in the US, which generated almost 9% of the electricity of the nation, last year. 

Stressing on the importance of renewable energy, Macklin said “If we increase the demand for clean power, we will necessarily decrease the demand for polluting power. And if we decrease the demand for polluting power, that stuff will come off the grid.”

He further added “We’re trying to move the market with capital, rather than through a policy mandate.” There’s nothing wrong with a policy mandate. But if you can motivate people through business decisions, that’s good too. It’s another lever.”