Ex-Climber Scales A Skyscraper In His Wheelchair


Left paralysed from a road accident, Lai Chi-wai scaled a #HongKong skyscraper in his wheelchair! 

The former Climber pulled himself more than 250 metres (around 820 feet) up the building. 

Lai Chi-wai did this to raise money for spinal cord patients. 

The four-times Asia rock climbing champion said: “I was quite scared. Climbing up a mountain, I can hold onto rocks or little holes, but with glass, all I can really rely on is the rope that I’m hanging off.”

Raising $680,639 (5.2 million Hong Kong dollars) Lai said, “Some people don’t understand the difficulties of disabled people, some people think that we are weak, we need help, we need assistance, we need people’s pity…But I want to tell everyone, it doesn’t have to be like that. If a disabled person can shine, they can at the same time bring out opportunity, hope, bring about light, they don’t have to be viewed as weak.”

(🎥: @skynews )

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