Football player Mohamed Salah to be added to Egypt’s school curriculum

Photo Credit: PA

Professional footballer Mohamed Salah will be included in Egypt’s school curriculum.

Whilst primary schools will focus on the 29-year-old’s football career, secondary schools will focus more on his philanthropic work and ‘what it means to be a hero on and off the pitch’.

The Liverpool and Egypt national team captain has contributed to many charitable works such as funding a new girls’ school, an ambulance centre and a water treatment centre.

The secondary textbook writes: “Salah’s desire to help others is because he wants to give young people a chance to succeed. He is a role model to millions of Egyptians who give him the nickname ‘the happiness maker’.”

Students in Egypt will be taught about the footballer in English-language textbooks.

Mohamed is married to Magi Sadeq and together they have two daughters.