Miracle Izuchukwu Joins The 7% Of Female And 1% Of Black Female Pilots By Becoming One Herself

Photo Credits: Miracle Izuchukwu LinkedIn

Miracle Izuchukwu’s story is one that will inspire many!

From growing up in an environment that discouraged girls from being too ambitious, to becoming a pilot at the age of 23, Miracle is a testament to why girls should continue to dream big!

Announcing her new job status, the 23-year-old wrote: “Whoever it is praying for me, don’t stop, it’s working. I joined the elite group of 7% of females and 1% of black female pilots in the world. It’s an exhilarating, yet surreal feeling to introduce myself to the world as a Pilot.”

Explaining her story, she spoke about her past career struggles of not knowing what to do and the discouragement she faced because of her gender.

She wrote: “‘You can have ambition, but not too much.’ … I am a 23-year-old Nigerian girl who grew up in a society that did not encourage young girls to dream big, career-wise. I remember watching lots of TED Talks to give myself more insights on possible careers that might interest me…to no avail.

“In 2019, I had an encounter with an airline pilot while working as a customer service rep. He opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a pilot. A few weeks later, I went on a discovery flight that sealed it for me. 

“I came home that day, called my father, and told him I was considering becoming a professional pilot.
He said, and I quote: ‘If he gets on a plane and sees a woman as the pilot, he would get off the plane’.”

Letting the discouragement be a fuel to persevere even more, Miracle has become pilot!

Ending her post on an encouraging note, she wrote, “Food for thought: What if, in raising children, we focus on ability instead of gender? If it’s truly something you want to do, you need to create it for yourself. In a world that wants us to whisper, I choose to yell.”

What an inspiration!

We wish Miracle a wonderful career as a pilot and you can follow her journey on her Instagram page here!