Devoted Husband, 79, Takes A Beauty Class To Learn How To Do Hair And Makeup For His Visually Impaired Wife

Photo Credit: Lindsay Steinke / SWNS

An elderly man, who has chosen to stay anonymous, has warmed the hearts of many after he attended an hour lesson on hair and makeup at Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics in Alberta, Canada. He did this so he could help his visually impaired wife of 50 years with her hair and makeup.

The 79-year-old was compelled to learn how to do his beloved wife’s hair, as she constantly burnt herself with the curling iron due to her failing vision.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Steinke / SWNS

Carrie Hannah, the director at Delmar College told SWNS, “Her appearance has always been something she has taken pride in and it’s important to her so therefore important to him.”

The college set forth in providing him with a lesson, guiding him on how to use a curling iron on a mannequin. The devoted husband also asked the employees for assistance on mascara application as the task proved to be difficult for his wife.

Lindsay Steinke / SWNS

The staff were “touched” by the devotion he expressed for his wife of 50 years. He praised his wife’s talent of being able to “type 100 words a minute when she was working”. Hannah added: “He lovingly pulled pictures from his wallet, showing everyone his wife, and boasting about how beautiful she has always been.”

The beauty school director said it was “very brave” of the 79-year-old to walk into a beauty school and ask for help in making his wife feel beautiful.

The husband and his wife expressed their gratitude to the staff when they went for a visit.

Hannah said, “They both also are impressed with his new professional skills and her hair is looking great!”