Asos offers paid leave for staff going through menopause, pregnancy loss, fertility treatment and more

Photo Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Asos have introduced paid leave for staff going though menopause, pregnancy loss or fertility treatment.

The online store announced new measures that will allow staff to take paid leave at short notice.

They’ve also said that employees experiencing health-related issues such as cancer treatment or fleeing from domestic violence will be offered up to six weeks of paid time off.

In a statement, Asos chief executive Nick Beighton said: “All of us face unexpected challenges in life, and sometimes these can create very difficult circumstances which mean we need to step away from or change how we work.

“We’ve launched these new policies to reassure all Asosers that they will continue to be supported, personally and financially, throughout those difficult times. We’re here, no matter what it is and every step of the way.”