Morrisons set to ban plastic packaging on all bananas

Photo Credit: Morrisons / PA

Morrisons are set to become the first retail giant to ban plastic packaging on all of their bananas.

According to the supermarket, bananas are their second most commonly bought product and their packaging will be replaced with paper bands.

In a statement, Elio Biondo (banana buyer for Morrisons) said: “Bananas have their own packaging – their skins. They also grow in bunches, which generally means they don’t need bagging together.

“A simple sturdy paper band is the ideal alternative. In trials the quality of the bananas has remained the same, so this switch-out of plastic is a no-brainer.”

It’s been reported that this move will result in 45 million single-use plastic bags being removed from Morrisons.

Recently, Morrisons announced their plans to become the first ‘Zero waste’ supermarket in the UK. By 2025, the supermarket aim for all of their ‘brand plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable’.