Reggie Nelson releases children’s book inspired by Black history

Reggie Nelson has released a new children’s book inspired by Black history.

He wrote on LinkedIn: “I’ve written a children’s story as part of the amazing children’s anthology “BEDTIME STORIES: BEAUTIFUL BLACK TALES FROM THE PAST”, which is a collection of bedtime stories inspired by Black history and my bedtime story is set around the Windrush.

“Writing a children’s book was actually pretty challenging, but, I enjoyed every minute of it.”

A few years ago, Reggie gained recognition after his door knocking on the homes of the wealthy landed him a job in finance.

Knocking on the doors, he would ask the wealthy how they amassed their wealth and one day, one of the doors led to an internship.

Reggie graduated from Kingston University with a 2.1 in Economics with Mandarin in 2017.

He has since been thriving in the finance industry.