Stephen And Ayesha Curry’s Foundation Serves 16 Million Meals In Oakland

Photo Credits: Steve Jennings / Getty Images

Making a huge impact, NBA star Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha have provided 16 million meals to children and families in Oakland with their foundation, Eat. Learn. Play.

Due to the pandemic, many families in Oakland, California suffered from food insecurity, resulting in NGOs and foundations to get to work.

Stephen and Ayesha, who is a Chef, author and entrepreneur, launched their foundation Eat. Learn. Play in 2019. Their aim has been to “end childhood hunger, ensuring students have access to a quality education, and providing safe places for all children to play and be active.”

In a statement, Stephen said, “We’ve been able to mobilize quickly. We didn’t expect to have such an impact — we only launched a year and a half ago. But so many kids were hanging in the dark. It was alarming. We are excited about the work we’re doing but it’s hard to celebrate because it means the need is so great. That’s the dichotomy.”

You can find out more about Eat.Love.Pray here.