14-Year-Old Boy Makes Bow Ties For Rescue Dogs To Help Them Get Adopted

By sewing a cute bow tie, one teenage boy from New Jersey is helping sheltered dogs find a home! 

At the age of eight, Darius Brown learned to sew a bow tie from his older sister, Dazhai Shearz. He wanted to be just like his sister so his mother insisted that he help her cut fabric.

Darius’s mother, Joy Brown, believed that acquiring a new skill would be good for him since he was diagnosed with a speech disorder and a fine motor skills disorder at just two years old. Eventually, Darius fell in love with the sewing machine and started making his own designs.

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma hit Texas and Florida. Darius saw videos on social media that showed animals being displaced due to the hurricane. 

“As I watched people getting rescued and helped on TV, I began to wonder why I wasn’t seeing dogs and cats and what was happening to them,” he told Newsweek

“I thought this could be an opportunity for me to help dogs get adopted by providing dog bow ties for them to wear,” he added. “If people can wear bow ties, why can’t dogs? They’re going to look just as dapper and cute.”

He made a total of 25 bowties and delivered them to the ASPCA animal shelter in New York.

“You don’t normally see a dog wearing a bow tie at a shelter, so it’s unique,” he said. “Even something so small can have a major effect.”

Since Darius started this venture, he has donated over 1,000 bow ties to shelters across America.

One day, he hopes to expand his business and help more dogs find a loving home. 

“Ultimately, I want to find more ways to help dogs. A big goal of mine is to have a foster home for dogs and provide them with a happy place to live before they are adopted,” he said.

To find out more information about his initiative, visit his website at sirdariusbrown.com. If you want to donate to his cause, go to his PAW-Some Mission GoFundMe page