A British Choir Sings A Lullaby To A 5-Year-Old Girl In The U.S. To Help Her Sleep

Roslyn and her dad. Image Credit: SWNS

A little American girl who experiences night terrors falls asleep to a personalized lullaby sung by her favorite U.K. choir. 

The 5-year-old girl Roslyn Kane recently started to have nightmares. Her concerned father, Rick, thought music could be the solution to dissuading her bad dreams. So, he enlisted the help of the Bristol Man Chorus, as Roslyn and her sister Evelyn have been fans of the all-male group ever since they watched a video of the choir singing a sea shanty last summer. 

Rick reached out to the U.K. choir from Pennsylvania, 3,500 miles away. Luckily, he got hold of the choir director Sam Burns, who was more than happy to help Roslyn. He began working on writing an individualized lullaby for her. 

Here are the sweet lyrics Burns wrote: 

“Roslyn, Evelyn, sing goodnight / Roslyn, Evelyn, close your eyes / Sweetest dreams, all warm and bright / Roslyn, Evelyn, sing goodnight.”

However, Burns didn’t stop after he finished writing the lullaby. He arranged for the entire choir to sing for Roslyn and Evelyn over zoom. The group sang the lullaby together, creating a video that Roslyn can watch whenever she has night terrors to lull her back to sleep. 

“I think she enjoys the added benefit of [the personalized song] being hers,” Rick said. 

According to Rick, her nightmares are “getting better,” which may have a lot to do with the power of the choir’s voices. 

Watch the video of the Bristol Man Chorus singing the lullaby here: