Real Housewives Of Jersey’s Margaret Thompson Displays Great Strength As She Opens Up About Her Past Ectopic Pregnancy


On the second episode of the new series, The Real Housewives of Jersey, Margaret Thompson bravely spoke about her past wishes of wanting a child.

In a vulnerable conversation with co-star Ashley Cairney, the Estate Agency owner opened up about her experience of having an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilised egg is located outside of the womb, most likely in one of the fallopian tubes, which connects the ovaries to the womb. This prevents the egg from developing and puts the mother’s health at risk if the pregnancy continues.

Helping many women, she expressed, “I’ve always wanted to have children, oh my goodness… For years I really wanted a baby and I did have an ectopic pregnancy when I was married and I nearly died.

“My husband was really excited and Mother’s Day was coming up and he wanted to tell everyone, but deep down inside I didn’t feel that it was right, I felt something was wrong, but we told everyone and unfortunately … sadly my intuition was right.

She continued, “I think it’s funny that people look at me and they see a successful businesswoman – thank you God, and they just assume, “Oh, she was so busy looking after her career, she didn’t want kids”, and it’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

The conversation began with Ashley Cairney speaking about her own past pregnancy complications she faced when carrying each of her two sons.

There’s strength in vulnerability and by these two women opening up about their experiences, many women who have gone or are going through the same thing, will know that they’re not alone.

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