Egyptian Paralympian Ibrahim Hamadtou plays table tennis by using his mouth and feet after he lost his harms in an accident as a child


Competing in his second Paralympic Games, Egyptian Paralympian Ibrahim Hamadtou is not one to be messed with.

Due to losing his arms in a train accident at the age of 10, Ibrahim plays table tennis by using his foot to toss the ball up and then his mouth to hold the paddle.

In 2014, the 48-year-old told CNN: “In our village, we could only play, at that time, table tennis and soccer – that’s why I played both. It was logical to play soccer first due to my case, then I played table tennis as a challenge.

“It was quite difficult playing table tennis after the accident. I had to practice hard for three consecutive years on a daily basis.

“At the beginning, people were amazed and surprised seeing me playing. They encouraged and supported me a lot and they were very proud of my willing, perseverance and determination.”

You can watch Ibrahim in action in the video below.