Pharrell Williams To Open Small Private Schools For Low-Income Families

Pharrell Williams will be opening small private schools for low-income families! The 48-year-old musician and entrepreneur has established YELLOWHAB, which ‘will be the first of a network of micro-schools offering individualised learning aligned to the future of work.’

In a press release to The Virginian-Pilot, Pharrell stated: “If the system is fixed and unfair, then it needs to be broken. We don’t want lockstep learning where so many kids fall behind; we want bespoke learning designed for each child, where the things that make a child different are the same things that will make a child rise up and take flight.”

The first YELLOWHAB is set to open September 2021 in Norfolk, Virginia for 40 to 50 elementary-aged students.

YELLOWHAB’s entry eligibility requirements are:

  1. Child is a resident of Norfolk, VA (proof of residency required if selected)
  2. Child is a rising 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader
  3. Child qualifies for the Federal Free and Reduced-price Lunch program, or meets family income requirements here (proof of status required if selected)

YELLOWHAB will focus on “an immersive educational environment that sparks imagination in a story-filled space where children transcend the (every day) on a journey for deeper learning.”

For more information you can go to their website and Instagram page.