Brazilian Footballer Richarlison Notices Young Fan Outside His Home And Surprises Him With A Signed Jersey

Photo Credits: Rosemary Campbell / Sport Bible

A young fan stopped by the residence of footballer Richarlison in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Everton player.

“We went to Crosby beach for a walk. Charlie is a huge Everton fan,” the fan’s mother (Rosemary Campbell) said to Liverpool Echo. “We took a walk down the road so Charlie could see Richarlison’s home.”

As luck would have it, Richarlison saw the young boy through the window and waved at him. Due to the fan being so happy to see him, Richarlison told him to wait outside so he could bring him something. When he returned, he gifted the boy with a jersey and signed it. 

“He was happy for me to take photographs of him and my son,” Rosemary said. “He was so kind and genuine and made my son so happy.”

The Brazilian football player plays Premier League club Everton and the Brazilian national team. Richarlison has big ambitions for this season. He hopes Everton will qualify for the Champions League, and he also has his eye on Copa America and the Olympics which are both taking place this year. 

“I think everything’s in place for me to become an important figure in the Brazilian national team and at Everton,” Richarlison told Liverpool Echo. “I think I just need to continue working hard, keep scoring goals, win trophies, and it will all work out for me.”