R’n’B Musician H.E.R And Christian Artist Tauren Wells Duet On ‘Hold Us Together (Hope Mix)’

Grammy award winning singer/songwriter H.E.R and Christian artist Tauren Wells have released a beautiful duet of H.E.R’s song “Hold Us Together”.

The song, which was previously released as a solo by H.E.R and featured on the soundtrack for the Disney+ film Safety, provides peace, light and comfort to those going through tricky times.

The song’s bridge sings: “Even in the darknеss, you will be my light / Even when I’m hopeless, you will be my guide / I will not be shaken, I will not be moved / Even in the chaos, I know that you’re good.”

H.E.R. and Josiah Bassey wrote the original version of “Hold Us Together”.

You can listen to the duet in the video above and watch the original version in the video below!