Dive Into The Underwater Eco-Museum That Opened In Cannes, France

Jason deCaires Taylor

Off the shore of Sainte-Marguerite’s island, an underwater eco-museum in Cannes, France is inviting guests to take a swim. 

The museum contains six statues created by Jason deCaires Taylor, a British artist. All the statues have eco-friendly materials. He hopes the statues will become a part of the underwater life, encouraging flora and fauna to live in the area. 

“The installation of these sculptures in Cannes now creates an enlarged, safe swimming area, a wonderful setting to discover its underwater life,” David Lisnard, the Mayor of Cannes, said. “The water is clear, the seabed sandy, and the statues can now play their role as home to fauna and flora.”

The statues are free for divers to view. They sit underwater 3 to 5 meters deep and are at a distance of 84 to 132 meters from the shore. Boats are banned from the area, so divers and snorkelers can safely swim and appreciate the statues. 

Jason deCaires Taylor

The theme of the attraction (which Taylor and Lisnard chose together) is the Man of the Iron Mask. He was a man imprisoned on the island between 1687 and 1698. The eco-museum also represents the importance of preserving the environment and the value of cultural necessity. 

Taylor also has other underwater work, including ones located in Lanzarote, Granada, Oslo, Cancun, Thames, and the Bahamas waters. He is determined to protect aquatic environments with his fascinating art pieces. 

This is the first underwater eco-museum in France and the Mediterranean. But, it’s not the only one in the works. The Australian Underwater Discovery Centre (AUDC) will open in 2022 Geographe Bay. Additionally, there are plans to open an underwater museum involving a shipwreck in Amsterdam.