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Students Who Were Defrauded By For-Profit Colleges In The US Will Get Their Student Loan Debt Erased

Earlier this month (March 2021), the Biden administration announced full relief of $1 billion of loans to over 70,000 students who had been defrauded by for-profit colleges in the U.S. Students who had been defrauded by their colleges, are now to receive tax-free forgiveness from their loans. Approximately 72,000 students, who had been scammed by for-profit education companies and colleges,

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Joe Biden’s Newly Decorated Oval Office

Making the White House a home, the decoration team have been swift in refurbishing the President of the United States’s office! From having a portrait of Andrew Jackson (the 7th U.S. President) and a bust of Winston Churchill (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) the Oval Office now has busts of civil rights leaders Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King

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