Footballer Farah Jefry Has Become The First Woman In Saudi Arabia To Represent Adidas As A Brand Ambassador

Photo Credits: Farah Jefry

Congratulations to Farah Jefry who has become the first woman in Saudi Arabia to represent Adidas as a brand ambassador!

Farah Jefry is an 18-year-old footballer who has been playing football for over 10 years prior to this exciting collaboration with Adidas. Adidas announced the signing of Farah, who is a Jeddah Eagles’ midfielder, making her the first Saudi sportswoman to represent Adidas.

Speaking to Arab News, Farah shared that she had always dreamt of being a professional football player and that becoming an ambassador for Adidas was an honour. She also hopes that being supported by a well-known company will encourage and inspire more Saudi female footballers to follow in her steps.

The footballer has been training with the Jeddah Eagles Ladies’ football club for the past 3 years. Being younger than her teammates, Farah said that she did initially find training tough but used the experience to learn and improve her skills. One of the key pieces of advice the footballer offers is to be consistent and practice as much as possible.  

“It has become a lifestyle now, walking around with a football all day is normal for me nowadays,” she said.

2020 saw the first Saudi women’s football league, which allowed 24 teams to take part in the organised competition.

Encouraging everyone to follow their dreams, Farah said, “Don’t be discouraged by people or opinions — there might be some obstacles, but at the end it is all worth it. If you’re passionate enough just chase your dream. Everything else will align with that sooner or later.”