Meet Daxo Kid’s Books: The Children’s Books That Highlight Disabilities, Mental Health, Environmental Issues And More!

Photo Credits: Daxo Kid’s books

Daxo Kid’s Books focus on making all children feel seen – that’s why their primary aim is to normalise mental health and physical disability in the books they write and illustrate.

Created by Stephanie O’Connor, their books tackle different topics in creative ways.

Whilst ‘Andy the Anxious Ant’ tells the story of an ant who overcomes his anxiety by going on a journey of self confidence, ‘Billy Senses The World’ is about a visually impaired beetle who travels the world with his best friend Andy.

Creator Stephanie O’Connor, who has so far written and illustrated all the books herself, said in an Instagram post: “I’ve grown up loving English literature and I was taught from a young age that everyone, no matter their struggles, should be seen and heard. So, I decided to create a range of children’s books to help normalise mental or physical disability.

“As someone who has experienced issues as a child, I know just how important it is to have the right tools around you, to help you feel seen and heard.”

With the books being based in New Zealand, parents, teachers and even Prime minister Jacinda Ardern have taken a liking to Daxo Kid’s Books.

Helping children understand these topics from a young age, Daxo Kid’s Books are certainly making a difference.

To find out more information, you can check out the Daxo Kid’s Books website here.