Goodwill Employee Finds $42,000 In A Pile Of Donated Clothes And Acts With Integrity By Returning It To The Owner

Photo Credits: Ok Goodwill

Though some may struggle if they stumbled across a large sum of $42,000 whilst no one was looking, one woman from Oklahoma knew exactly what to do.

Andre Lessing – a Goodwill employee, was doing a routine inspection of donated clothes when she came across a thick envelope.

Working through the pile of clothes, the recently hired employee first thought she was seeing a stack of books, but after inspecting further, she discovered that the envelope contained a large amount of cash.

She told Fox News: “I never expected anything like this to happen to me of all people. To me, it was just another normal day at work. I was in the back sorting. I never expected to come across $42,000.”

Photo Credits: Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma

Thankfully, the envelope contained identifying documentation so the owner was able to be contacted.

To Andre’s surprise, the individual who owned the money told Goodwill to give her $1000 of the money for her kindness.

The employee said, “I just want to say thank you because he was a blessing. I thought I blessed him, but he turned right around and blessed me. He restored my faith that there are really good people out there even through this pandemic. We don’t know their situation so it’s better to just be kind.”

A mother to a 6-year-old, Andre plans to use the money to give her daughter a great birthday.

This story is a great reminder of how we should always act with integrity.