17-Year-Old Sam Bregman Raises $15,000 To Gift Galveston Elementary School Students With New Shoes

Photo Credits: Sam Bregman

The children of Galveston Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona have all been treated to a new gift, thanks to Sam Bregman – a Chandler High school student who raised $15,000 and bought every child a new pair of shoes. His funds were enough to buy 458 pairs of shoes and 2290 pairs of socks.

The journey began when Sam and his siblings bought a new set of shoes for a child in need. He saw the positive impact the donation had on the child, inspiring him to want to give on a larger scale by partnering with a nonprofit organisation called “Shoes That Fit”.

Galveston Elementary Principal Annette Addair said: “Sam had approached me about this back in June 2020.”

Initially, the student had $752 to start with, but when the fundraiser reached its conclusion, Sam managed to raise $15,000 which helped him bring smiles on every elementary student in Galveston Elementary.

Second grader Matthew Bruce expressed, “I like them because my favourite colour is blue and green and grey.”

Principal Annette Addair stated, “It may seem like something minor but when you think about it, it impacts how you might perform that day…each child was measured, so, these are truly shoes that fit.”

On the day of the event, Sam said, “This is going to be an event that I will never forget,” as he watched the kids receive their new set of shoes.

A personal note was also put in the shoeboxes by the 17-year-old himself. He told the children to “enjoy the socks” and wished them a “good day”.

Sam stated that the event was just the start and he aspires to raise more funds for another school in Chandler.

You can donate here.