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Women in Saudi Arabia can now become taxi drivers

Women in Saudi Arabia can now apply to become taxi drivers. This comes less than four years after Saudi women were given the right to drive. Artist Latifah Al-Shalhoub told Arab News: “As a female, I always had an issue with this topic. I never felt comfortable riding in a taxi on my own with a male driver. At least

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B2K’s ‘What A Girl Wants’ song trends as Twitter user asks ‘why men don’t speak to their friends like this anymore?’

A tweet with a throwback clip of B2K’s 2003 song ‘What A Girl Wants’ has been circulating the web! The internet is so funny. Actresses Kyla Pratt and Jennifer Freeman were also in this music video. Swipe through our Instagram post above and you can enjoy the throwback in the video below.

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Ed Sheeran plans to ‘plant as many trees as possible’ to reduce environmental impact from travelling and touring

Ed Sheeran has revealed his plans on planting ‘as many trees as possible’ to reduce the environmental impact from his travelling and touring. He, 30, told BBC Radio London: “I’m trying to buy as much land as possible and plant as many trees as possible. I am trying to rewild as much of the U.K. as I can. I love

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The Alicia Keys song you didn’t know was produced by Kanye West and had John Legend’s background vocals

Did you know Kanye West co-wrote and produced Alicia Key’s 2003 song ‘You Don’t Know My Name’? During a VH1 Storytellers episode, Alicia said: “It was the first time that I ever worked with at the time a kind of relatively unknown guy named Kanye West. “He was this really excited guy. He had this song out called ‘Through The

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Conjoined twins in India land first job with two salaries, 19 years after parents abandoned them

Conjoined twins Sohna and Mohna have landed their first jobs as electricians, the Independent reports. The 19-year-olds, who are from India’s Punjab state, were abandoned by their parents as babies. They then lived at a children’s shelter. The pair will now be working as electricians for the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited, where they will each earn a salary of

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